Why Virtual Arrangements?


When health and travel issues arise, how will you serve the needs of families?

Virtual arrangements include everyone.

We’ve all been there. A couple comes in to preplan but won’t commit until they run the details by their children, who live three states away and won’t be home until next Christmas. Or this: More senior citizens than ever want to put their plans in writing – but they’re concerned about their health and are too nervous to meet in person. Or how about this one: Your lunch and learns have always drawn a sizeable crowd, but who knows how long it will be before your target audience feels comfortable joining in again? You have a way to solve these problems – and you can implement these solutions starting as soon as tomorrow.

Just Imagine if you could serve...

  • Seniors who feel uncomfortable sitting down with you in person
  • Those who live out of state part time or full time
  • Families who are spread out all over the country
  • Locals who can’t make it to your preplanning events
  • The homebound

Making arrangements virtually is easier than it sounds for you and the families you serve – and we’ll walk you through every step. Whether you’re confident in your tech abilities or have a severe case of technophobia, you are a few hours away from clinching the sales that have eluded you. 

In this course you'll learn:

  • The ins and outs of setting up an account and scheduling meetings
  • Insider tips for running a smooth and efficient meeting
  • How to share documents and PowerPoint presentations with families to get the information you need
  • Common industry-specific issues you may encounter and how to solve them
  • How to gracefully close the sale and end the call

Course Information

  • 1

    1. Welcome to the Course

    • Welcome to Advance U

    • MKJ Marketing President Marilyn Jones Gould Welcomes You!

    • How to Use Your Course Player

  • 2

    2. Why Families Need Virtual Arrangements

    • Giving Families What They Need When You Can't Meet In Person

    • What Can You Do to Provide Families with What They Need?

    • From Concerned to Confident - Addressing Your Worries

    • What Do You Think?

    • No In-Person Meetings? No Problem

    • How Will You Go Hybrid?

    • Your Top 5 Concerns Addressed

  • 3

    3. Preparing for the Virtual Conference Just as You Would in the Arrangement Room

    • Items Your Company Needs to Decide Upon to Maintain Consistency

    • How Will You Help Your Company Decide?

    • Preparing the Room

    • How Will You Prepare Your Room?

    • Choosing the Right Background

    • What Platform Will You Use?

    • Preparing the Family

    • How Can You Best Prepare the Family?

    • You Might Not Do Virtual Every Day; You Need a Way to Be Prepared

    • Mastery of the System

    • How Can Mastering the System Benefit Families?

    • How to Gain Control of Your Virtual Meeting

    • Perfecting Your Audio to Gain Control

    • Perfecting Your Lighting to Gain Control

    • Perfecting Your Camera Setup to Gain Control

    • Using an Agenda to Gain Control

    • How Will You Use These Tools to Gain Control?

    • Investing in Equipment - Our Recommendations

    • What Equipment Do You Need Most?

    • Ways to Build Your Credibility

    • Don’t Wait to Practice Until You’re Helping a Family with the Biggest Decision of Their Life

    • Biggest Mistakes On Zoom

  • 4

    4. How You Can Be Your Best Virtual Arranger

    • FTC Regulations

    • How Will You Be Sure to Comply with FTC?

    • How Will You Present the GPL?

    • Anatomy of the Arrangement

    • Practice Your Introduction

    • Greeting and Rapport Building

    • How Can You Be Sure to Build Rapport?

    • Expressing Empathy

    • How Do You Say It?

    • Reflective Listening

    • Style Differences Online vs. In-Person

    • How Will You Overcome the Differences with Virtual?

    • Presenting Service Options and Directing the Conversation

    • How Can You Best Share the Options Your Firm Has to Offer?

  • 5

    5. Incorporating Visuals to Save Time and Help with Clarity

    • Caskets & Merchandise

    • How Do You Handle Merchandising Virtually?

    • The Value of Service

    • How Will You Communicate Your Value?

    • Preparing the Visuals

    • Interested in Purchasing the Visuals?

  • 6

    6. Conclusion - Securing Agreement & Discussing Payment

    • Closing the Arrangement

    • What You Have to Know About Closing the Call

    • How Can You Gracefully Close the Call?

    • Resource Guide

    • Final Thoughts

    • Share Your Accomplishment!