Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

    • Welcome to Advance U

    • Marilyn Jones Gould Welcomes You

  • 2

    Setting the Table for Successful Receptions

    • The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Receptions

    • Why Consumers Are Constantly Looking for Food

    • The Most Common Mistakes Made When Starting a Reception Business

  • 3

    Differentiating Your Reception Center

    • What Are You Offering Consumers?

    • Explaining the Value of Receptions

    • What Kind of Food Service are You Prepared to Offer?

    • What Does Your Competitor Do?

    • 3 Types of Competitors You Face, and How to Not Let Them Get Ahead

  • 4

    What Do Consumers Want?

    • Consumer Thoughts on Receptions

    • What Do Consumers Want From Me?

    • What Types of Events Can I Hold?

    • How to Include More than One Event Per Family

    • Sitting in On Arrangements to Increase Reception Sales and Understand Your Consumer

  • 5

    Creating the Best Facility and Environment for Receptions

    • Facility and Environment

    • The Importance of Signage

    • Creating a Welcoming Outdoor Space

    • Why Menu Selection is Vital to Your Success

    • How to Create an Appetizing Menu They Can't Refuse

  • 6

    Preparing to Successfully Launch Your Receptions Business

    • Who Are You Serving?

    • What Is It Your Community Needs?

    • Creating Personalized Options for Families

    • What is Your Cost to Provide?

    • Revisiting - Who Are You Competing With?

    • Pricing Competitively - What Do Other Venues Charge?

    • Thinking Profitably

    • Dos and Donts of Table Service

    • Establishing Your Pricing Structure

    • Determining Your Room Charge

  • 7

    Final Tips & Tricks For Successfully Launching Your Receptions Business


    • Final Thoughts