Price Shopping Has Become Part Of Our Culture, But With Our Training - You'll Be A Pro in No Time.

"When families need a funeral home, many jump online to check prices and reviews before picking up the phone. You have to convince them you are superior, otherwise you let them get taken advantage of by someone that does a better job handling a price shopper."

— Marilyn Jones Gould

The question is,

how can you convert price shoppers into paying clients?

Every funeral home professional receives phone calls where the first words spoken are, “How much will it cost?” or “I saw lower prices online.” or “So-and-so charges much less for the exact same thing . . . why are you more expensive?”

These statements would make anyone cringe – but we have perfect responses for each and every one. That’s why we created this course, and you can start learning today.

Communicating your value – fast

  • Aren’t you the best to serve them?
  • Isn’t your funeral home better?
  • Isn’t your staff better?
  • Isn’t your cemetery more attractive?
  • Aren’t your groundskeepers better at perpetual care? 

In this course you’ll learn . . .

Not only the classic lessons like:

  • How to get your attitude right
  • How to build rapport – and fast 
  • Top 10 mistakes firms make when handling price shoppers 

But also:

  • How to handle price shoppers when you own both a funeral home and low-cost cremation business
  • Handling price shoppers virtually 
  • Mastering responses to Price shopping calls in real time, with real examples