Your image matters

Your appearance should be the least memorable thing about you.

Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way of the Job You’re Meant to Do.

We know each firm is different: guidelines, responsibilities, and the roles of care team members. You’re all unique, including your sense of fashion, so rather than give you a dress code, we provide you the tools to BE THE BEST YOU.

We give helpful hints and suggestions to present the best version of you while also staying in line with the needs of your funeral home or cemetery. This will help you best serve the families in your care.

Important Topics Covered By This Course

  • How to prioritize personal care and cleanliness.
  • Navigating the relationship between personal expression and your professional presentation.
  • Why Neatness is an Essential Part of Your Image.
  • Determining what families may find objectionable.
  • Ways to be sure your presence is appropriate and not distracting.

What You’ll Learn From This Course

After completing the course, you’ll be able to answer:

  • Why Does My Image as a Deathcare Professional Matter?
  • How Could My Personal Grooming Improve?
  • What Neatness Standards Should I Be Following?
  • How Can You Have Professional Dress Standards and Also Handle All the Hard Work You Do?
  • Why Is Appropriateness Essential for the Care I Give?