WHY take advantage of Cremation with Confidence?

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to explain to a family why you are better?

If so, you’re not alone. This is why we created the Cremation with Confidence Guarantee.

Picture this: A family calls to shop your cremation services. You need to know exactly what to say to show consumers there’s no comparison with what you offer.

With this course, you’ll be prepared to justify your value AND educate families about why they need to – and can – trust you. You’ll be surprised how well our techniques work and how confident you feel implementing them. Let’s get started.

Practical steps to put your training into action

  • Work with us to create a custom brochure about your 10-step cremation process.
  • Promote your guarantee using our various proven marketing items.
  • Become comfortable explaining Cremation with Confidence™ in different situations.

In this course you’ll learn...

  • What the Cremation with Confidence™ Guarantee really offers to families
  • The reasons it has been so successful for firms across the country
  • How to use all of the components of Cremation with Confidence™ to communicate the value of your cremation services